Creating a culture of
unstoppable communication

Diversity and inclusion workshops

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Half-day training for both small teams and large groups to:
  • Identify and challenge their inherent biases and prejudices
  • Practice empathy through storytelling
  • Collaborate to create a unique community action plan for inclusion 

Executive Coaching

One-on-one unconscious bias training for executives to:
  • Develop effective communication for a diverse workplace
  • Navigate diversity, equity and inclusion as a leader
  • Prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion as a hiring strategy

Leadership & Communication Training

Ongoing consulting with team members to:
  • Move from environment where people are hesitant to use their voice 
  • Facilitate open dialogue and language 
  • Break down barriers and cultural landmines 

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Now more than ever, diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of most organizational strategies. To help create lasting change, Diversity Gym offers tailored coaching, consulting and workshops.

Our philosophy: Much like we all approach fitness from different levels, we also work through our biases from different levels of biases. Some are better at working alone, while others need more personalized coaching to help reach their goals. 

No matter your starting point, we work to help you improve your thinking, communication and behavior around biases and prejudice. The result is an unstoppable culture.

TedX Talk

Apr 29, 2014

Gamal Palmer has been on the forefront of theater-based social justice initiatives for more than a decade. He shares how his experiences in rural and urban setting around the world has shaped his work and influenced communities. Letting us in on his ...

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